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 The Pula Fort Centre – Pula’s fortification system as a new cultural-tourist product

The implementation of a programme of arrangements for integrated-territorial investment (ITI) in cultural heritage began at the end of 2020. It began by integrating different, but linked activities to mobilise and enhance the enormous potential of parts of the city of Pula’s cultural heritage, increase the offering of cultural and educational activities and events primarily for the wellbeing of all residents in the city of Pula area and Istria, and, indirectly, influence the sustainable development of the economy and tourism.

The project activities resulted in significant physical changes to the spaces included in the project, with new, associated service departments and an entirely new potential for numerous development opportunities in various sectors of significance for Pula’s urban area. The project implementation period is 41 months.

Beneficiary: City of Pula-Pola: Administrative Department for Spatial Planning, Public Utilities, and Property

Partners: Tourism Office Pula, Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria

Programme: ITI arrangement as part of the specific goal “6c1 – Increasing employment and tourist expenditure through enhancing cultural heritage”

The project activities linked to the construction works will occur in two large groups of works for which the City of Pula-Pola is responsible:


- renovating the roof and equipping the indoor space of the east curtain wall for the exhibition implementation.
- expanding the toilets and renovating the toilets for disabled people.
- renovating the storeroom (approx. 40 m2) to create a space for a catering facility.


- works to finish the lift that links the Zerostrasse tunnels, the underground Kaštel fortress tunnels and the fortress’s own atrium.
- renovation of the underground tunnels and underground spaces of the fortress, by fitting the power supply and lighting, drainage of excess water, construction works to renovate the floors and fix up the entrances, establish a water supply, drainage system, fire alarm, central system for visitor management, Wi-Fi network and anti-theft protection.
- construction of a part-panoramic lift for 12 persons with three stops (at the Zerostrasse level, underground rooms level and Kaštel fortress level).

To complete the exhibition and multimedia presentation of the Pula fortification system, in various aspects of its presentation, contemporary technology will be used, namely, augmented reality and other digital capabilities. This will be completed alongside the lift’s opening, at the end of April 2021, and partly during 2022. The Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria is responsible for carrying out these activities:

- designing the interior of the east curtain wall in line with the exhibition’s requirements and carrying out all decorating and remaining works needed for the exhibition opening.
- completing all tasks for the expert exhibition, from choosing and preparing written materials, artefacts, designing and preparing the video, photo, audio, and other materials needed for the exhibition.
- designing and preparing texts and other materials needed to create multimedia contents intended for adults and children.
- choosing a multimedia concept and equipment.
- participating in coordinating between partners and carrying out the agreed tasks linked with the project management.
- organising visitor movements, in collaboration with the project leader for construction works, during periods when building works and renovations are foreseen in the project.
- participating in designing and organising the movements of visitors after construction of the lift and setting up card machines on the visitor entrances.
- carrying out all the procedures for acquiring equipment, works and services for the project’s needs in a timely manner in line with legal obligations.
- ensuring the sustainability of the project results after the full implementation of the project.

Project duration: June 2019 – November 2022

Project value: 23,277,260.22 HRK
Total grant awarded for the project: 9,000,000.00 HRK
The City of Pula-Pola’s eligible costs: 19,221,113.02 HRK
Grant awarded to the City of Pula-Pola: 5,552,274.93 HRK
Rate of EU co-financing: 28.88%
Co-financing: City of Pula-Pola 71.12 %
The Tourism Office Pula’s eligible costs: 998,855.65 HRK
Grant awarded to the Tourism Office Pula: 849,027.27 HRK
Rate of EU co-financing: 84.99%
Co-financing: Tourism Office Pula 15.01%
The Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria’s eligible costs: 3,057,291.55 HRK
Grant awarded to the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria: 2,598,697.80 HRK
Rate of EU co-financing: 84.99%
Co-financing: Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria 15.01%

Grad Pula, Forum 1, 52100 PULA
Telephone: +385 (0)52371828

Zerostrasse - underground tunels

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