Fort Centre

Fort Centre

The Fort center Pula is a visitor centre that aims to acquaint visitors with the city of Pula’s fortification system.
A multimedia exhibition presents the system of around 28 fortresses and more than two hundred different military buildings. They show the development of military technology, defensive strategies, and the exceptional opportunities for construction in the 19th and at the start of the 20th century.

The Fort center Pula is part of the Historical Maritime Museum of Istria. It is in the Kaštel fortress, which was also part of the system of defences named the Maritime Fortresses of Pula.

As the main military port, Pula was an important military and strategic centrepiece of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy of that time. To defend Pula, a dynamic system of structures was built, which extended from the western to the eastern coastline of Istria, and included Mali Lošinj too.

The fort system, made of white limestone, perfectly blends into the landscape. It represents an exceptional military architecture created and formed to preserve the city, yet it does not disturb the peace and normal city life.

Today many fortresses have become overgrown with dense, evergreen shrubs, and they are often difficult to access. In the centre, you can get information about which structures you can reach and how, and gain an insight into documents and sources for researching this unique fortification complex further.

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The Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria (Povijesni i pomorski muzej Istre – Museo storico e navale dell’Istria), is located on Kaštel, the central Pula hilltop (about 34m above sea level), which has been the focal point of Pula’s development since its earliest history...

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